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Happy Marzo Connectors!

I would like to introduce you to another visionary, Annette Gay, a native Atlanta Georgian. She always had the heart to help nourish young teen girls, teaching them to respect their mind, bodies and souls. She is a wife, mother of two daughters with twin boys and 5 grandchildren. Annette is the CEO of “BOSS UP Pink,” a Facebook group, which she created to assist Cancer patients with financial needs. The Boss Up concept means that I am the Boss of my body and I control what goes inside of my body to be healthy. 

As a spouse of a military retiree, Annette began her career with the Department of Defense (DOD) in Germany as an Administrative Assistant moving forward to a Protocol Assistant in Headquarters with the Commanding General and staff. She received her undergraduate degree with National Louis University, a Master’s degree at Troy State and doctorate at NOVA Southeastern University. In addition, Annette is the Youth Ministry Director at Faith in Jesus Christ Family Ministries. Currently she works with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a Public Health Analyst (PHA). After years of being in Corporate America, Annette was determined to learn how to step out of the box and go after her dreams.

Annette is a business partner with Ardyss life, a global reshaping Health and Wellness Company for eleven years. She has learned that your Health is truly your Wealth. In March of 2017, Annette was diagnosed with Breast Cancer without any signs which changed her life completely. Today, she has been Cancer Free for four years. I interviewed the Boss Up visionary and I’m excited to share what I learned about her…Connect with Annette and learn how take care of your body is Boss Up way! 

Q: Why did you decide to become an Entrepreneur and what inspired you?
I decided to become an entrepreneur after working twenty years for Corporate America, fighting for pay raises and fairness. I believed in me and my worth! My spouse (John) inspired me because he has always believed that trading time for money would never give us a chance to live our life to the fullest and leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren. In 2005, I opened my first business as a Daycare owner. 

Q: Tell us more about the “Boss Up Mission”?
What makes you and your business different from the rest? Defy Gravity is all about launching into your ultimate level of greatness by doing the following: Eliminating self-limiting beliefs, developing a success mindset and successful habits, attracting positive energy, and overcoming all obstacles that stand between you, your goals and your purpose. What separates me and my business from others is that I genuinely care about people. So, with me you are going to get not only a visionary and a hustler, but someone who consistently operates with integrity. That is something money can’t buy! 

Q: How has working with so many high profiles and celebrities changed your mindset? 
I created my Boss Up Pink organization after my battle with Breast Cancer in 2017. I am a part of a Health and Wellness company known as Ardysslife. My coach (Dr. Anastacia Lewis) inspired me to tell my story. Number one – my organization is different because I am different. I am the Boss of my body and I will help teach others to take control over their health. I want to encourage other cancer patients to fight for their health through supplementing and feeding their bodies the proper nutrition. Cancer does not have the right to take over our bodies. 

Q: How has your mindset change about wellness after being diagnosed with cancer and recover from it? 
My mindset has totally changed. I take every day as a gift from the most high. The little things are just that – little things. I am very cautious on what goes inside of my body. My health is my wealth. The food that I loved, I had to push them away and look for healthier food choices. Stress can no longer be a part of my life! I no longer say that life is short, I say “life is God’s gift to me and what I do with it is my gift to God” That’s someone else’s quote and it’s so true! 

Q: What are some of the challenges you encountered yourself as an entrepreneur?
Being an entrepreneur is a challenge that’s worth every challenge that comes. It’s a learning process that never stop. I’ve learned that I have to encourage myself daily while I also encourage and promote others. I also know that coming out of my comfort zone and pushing away fear has taken me to a whole new level. I had to level-up to a much higher level. I’ve also learned that being rejected has nothing to do with me. It’ the opportunity that they’re rejecting “not me”. I want to have the freedom to come and go as I please. I’ve taught my girls and grandchildren to know that being your own boss will give you the life style you want and deserve! 

Q: What’s your favorite life approach, quote and why? 
My favorite life approach is: I have one life, and one body. I am here on a journey and wherever that journey takes me, I have to enjoy it even while I’m crying or not understanding it. Stress will no longer be a part of my life. 

Q: What’s your preferred way to Connect with people? 
I am a baby boomer- I prefer Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.


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