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My name is Eve, best known as the “Connect Strategist.” I’m very excited about sharing our June 2021 Business Feature and other business visionaries, as we proudly celebrate this special momentous occasion towards introducing “Fashion Take Over Edition.” I have decided to create a monthly newsletter, where I promote, advertise and support business visionaries. The newsletter is powerful and affords everyone a great opportunity to virtually collaborate and connect with business owners from all backgrounds and ethnicities! 

My goal is to assist businesses recognize and achieve their targeted initiatives through innovative creativity and acting upon professional opportunities; as well as, share information and seek potential partners for various business ventures. Therefore, it’s my mission to utilize my best successful tips to enhance and broadened a network for 365 days. 

If you would like to be featured in our VIP newsletter, please visit my website at www.connect365us.com or reach out to me directly on any of my social media platforms. Your partnership will help connect, refer and support our featured businesses.

Since we have learned more women taking lead positions concerning their careers let’s establish this vital collaborative relationship and learn from one another, get inspired and break the odds. It’s time to “Create Your Own Style”, turn your money into a manifestation and become your own fabulousempowered leader. I hope this month conveys greater opportunities, brings out the “Super You”and inspires you to support more small businesses! I look forward to connecting with each of you!  

“Your Vision is My Mission”



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Your Vision is My Mission

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