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I would like to introduce you to another visionary, Ivan Thomas, also known as “Mr. Defy Gravity,” a dynamic visionary, motivator, strategist and image maker who has supported and orchestrated the ascension of countless high profile brands and individuals. As the President and CEO of Intrigue Media Group, Ivan’s decorated resume boasts clients like XEROX, Nielsen, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Waka Flocka Flame, Celebrity Credit Guru James Hunt, NBA player Michael Beasley, Music Mogul Devyne Stephens, Actor Darrin Henson, Grammy Nominated music producer Khao and many more! For the last 15 years, his expertise has been called on within the arenas of business, lifestyle / entertainment, healthcare, education and social justice. Ivan also owns a financial services company called Credit Savant LLC, which assists clients, including pro athletes and entertainers, with obtaining excellent credit and leveling up their finances so they can lay the groundwork for generational wealth. As a motivational speaker, Ivan is committed to helping entrepreneurs and everyday individuals to “defy gravity”in life and career through his 4 F’s – Faith, Family, Fortune and Fitness. He travels both nationally and internationally to teach his “astronauts” how to launch their visions into another stratosphere – using adversity to their advantage and adopting the mindset and habits necessary to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.!

I interviewed the Defy Gravity visionary and I’m excited to share what I learned about him …Connect with Ivan and learn how to take business to the next level!

Q: Why did you decide to become an Entrepreneur and what inspired you?
I decided to become an entrepreneur after I made the decision that I was not going to allow anyone else to dictate the trajectory of my life and my career. No one was going to tell me my value, I was going to decide it. Not only that, but I realized that my purpose for being here was to leave a lasting legacy and to impact many people. Entrepreneurship was the key to making that happen.

Q: Tell us more about the “Defy Gravity Concept”?
What makes you and your business different from the rest? Defy Gravity is all about launching into your ultimate level of greatness by doing the following: Eliminating self-limiting beliefs, developing a success mindset and successful habits, attracting positive energy, and overcoming all obstacles that stand between you, your goals and your purpose. What separates me and my business from others is that I genuinely care about people. So, with me you are going to get not only a visionary and a hustler, but someone who consistently operates with integrity. That is something money can’t buy!

Q: How has working with so many high profiles and celebrities changed your mindset? 
Being around highly successful people naturally helps you to raise your expectations of your own life because you are constantly exposed to achievement and wealth. The environment and the things you see are different, the conversations you have are at a higher level. Most importantly, you realize that these are just ordinary people who had visions of doing the extraordinary. So, as far as my mindset, it further solidified for me that the bigger I think and the more deliberate I am about being fearless and unapologetic with my goals; I too could achieve huge success in my own right. Mediocrity is unacceptable!

Q: What are some of the challenges you encountered yourself as an entrepreneur? 
Most of the challenges that I endured are common challenges that many entrepreneurs endure in the beginning stages, such as generating profit and establishing a client base of the right caliber that would allow me to make good money.

I have a heart to want to help people, but one of the things I had to learn was that every client is not right for me and my brand, whether they wanted my services or not. Those are things that I had to figure out through trial and error, and through experience.

Q: What’s your favorite life approach, quote and why? 
My favorite life approach is to not look to compete, but instead look to dominate. That has helped me to completely increase my standards and expectations for my life. Also, a quote that I live by is a quote I made up for myself.”Without battles, you cannot be battle tested and without the prospect of failure, you cannot be victorious.”

Q: Tell us about some of your achievements, recognition and how has it help you grow? 
As a celebrity publicist, I have attended some of the biggest events and award shows in the country, and I have also secured my clients in many of the world’s most prominent media outlets. During COVID-19, I launched two more companies and published my first book, “Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within.” These achievements have taken my personal brand to the next level, leading to new relationships, opening new doors and bringing in more business.

Q: What’s your preferred way to Connect with people? 
Contact me at intriguemg@gmail.com or 202.904.4790. You can also reach me on Instagram at @ivanth3great


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